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Granulometry’s sources files are stored on a CVS server. To connect your client to the sourceforge project’s website and get datas, you have to configure a client for the versionning system.
This CVS guide gives you all necessary informations for that, and explains step by step, for severals clients, what is the correct procedure to follow.


When you have the source files, you can compile the project. For the moment, the software can be compiled with the help of Make tools under Windows (GNU tools from MinGW), Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows, or the set of GNU tools on Linux.
The compilation guide gives you a set of available options to compile the software as you wish (release, debug...).


To simplify sources and compilation management, a tool called bakefile is used. It can generate Makefiles from simple XML rules.
With this guide, you can discover this tool, how it is used inside wxModeler and the commands list to know to add, modify or remove files from the compilation process.

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