May 22, 2006 : Public launch
After some private coding, the development of wxModeler is at least public!

You can grab an archive of the first public version in the download area.

Here is the content of the changelog:

22/05/2006 : Version 0.1.0 released (alpha stage)
  • First public version.
  • Cross-platform software with minimal dependencies: only wxWidgets is necessary.
  • Multilingual native interface, with dynamic language change.
  • Persistent configuration through sessions.
  • Image file support in various formats.
  • Ability to load an image as substitue for each step of the computation.
  • Contour point detection using wavelet transform.
  • Contour segments detection
  • Polygonal contours detection using active contour level-set method.
  • Diameters estimation.
  • Granulometry representation through a bar chart.
Next release TODO
  • Fix memory corruption under Windows (seems related to a limit of the STL implementation of MinGW).
  • Alpha blending support for bitmap control.
  • Optimize contour segments detection.
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